Why Noah’s Ark Didn’t Sink

I discovered in my storms of life that the Titanic sank even though professionals built it, but Noah’s Ark did not sink even though amateurs built it. I found the secret was that the amateurs who built Noah’s Ark had relied primarily on divine revelation rather than relying […]


As well as my brother’s story, the special unmerited grace of God had also been upon me and upon the people He had used to help me.  I was involved in a terrible road traffic accident in June 1982.  I was told I had been in a coma; […]


BACK FROM THE DEAD! Even medical doctors were surprised at what Jesus had done!! There is real power in the name of Jesus. When one of my younger brothers survived three heart attacks within about three months, he told me afterwards that a medical officer at the hospital told […]


Share your testimonies and success stories that inspire and give hope. We encourage you to kindly please share your testimonies with other people worldwide to the glory of God Almighty who alone does miracles. Therefore, even if you had previously shared your testimony with some people or at […]

What’s your own purpose for living?

Let me start with one of my true sayings: do what you enjoy; and enjoy what you do. You really enjoy what you do when you build your work, schooling, leisure activities, and everything else, around your calling –your purpose for living. I had been working as a […]

Let’s Be The Light of the World.

Testimonies are very therapeutic. They can heal. And they give hope ─to you and to the people you share your testimonies with. Testimonies are like candles. You don’t lose anything when you use your own candle to light another candle.  Rather, you have two lit candles which bring […]