Divine Revelation is the Best Teacher

ISBN: 978-0-9543109-6-7

This book demonstrates that looking for solutions to life’s issues outside the Bible is like crossing the stream to find water. The book uses persuasive evidence to show that divine revelation is the best teacher. It also shows that some academics and professionals have adapted various instructive biblical teachings.

Divine revelation is the difference between Noah’s Ark and the Titanic. Noah’s Ark was built by amateurs and yet it did not sink when the storms came.  In contrast, the Titanic that is often described as the most famous ship in history was built by professionals, based on academic knowledge; but it sank, even though the circumstances in which the Titanic sank were not as severe as those in which Noah’s Ark thrived. 

The book shows we should rely primarily on divine revelation, so we do not become a Titanic in the stormy journey of life.

Dr Innocent Izamoje leads Rock of Joy Resource Centre and is a biblical motivational speaker and writer. He has been a special guest on the broadcast media and has presented various national and international events. 

Dr Izamoje has written several books and many articles, including for reputable academic and professional journals. His written works have been cited in publications on shared innovation and excellence.