Proven ways to move from impossible to possible.

ISBN 978-0-9543109-3-6

Various motivational speakers and writers tell people to see the glass on the front cover of this book as half-full rather than half-empty. But they are wrong. Their view imposes an unacceptable limit on you, and on your ability to make the most of the enabling power of having the right vision that your cup runs over.

Do not settle for less. The glass is not empty. It’s not half-empty. It’s not half-full. It’s not even full. It’s overflowing. To use a familiar biblical expression, the cup runs over.

Saying that the glass is half-full or half-empty is merely describing what the glass looks like presently; not what it can be. To excel in life, do not be limited by what your situations look like presently. Rather, focus on what and who you can be because, with God, your cup will surely run over.

At present, things may seem impossible for you and your ‘cup’ may not, presently, be running over in various areas such as your spiritual life, finances, health, family, business, work, schooling, and so on. This book will enable you to move from ‘what is‘to’what can be‘; so you, too, can exceed limits and then achieve great results in the areas of your life where success was previously considered impossible.

Dr Innocent Izamoje leads Rock of Joy Resource Centre and is a biblical motivational speaker and writer. He has been a special guest on the broadcast media and has presented various national and international events. 

Dr Izamoje has written several books and many articles, including for reputable academic and professional journals. His written works have been cited in publications on shared innovation and excellence.