GET REAL! The REAL Secret Of Success Revealed

Get Real And Succeed Permanently

ISBN:  095431090X

There are three aspects of life: getting in (birth); getting on (successful living); and getting out (death). Everyone who gets in gets out; but not everyone gets on.  We cannot change whether or not we are born or would die for everyone who gets into this world must surely get out.  But we can change and determine whether or not we get on.  The way to get on is to GET REAL!

Do you want to get on and succeed in any and all areas of your life? 

Then GET REAL! is for you.  Like the sun that is guaranteed to rise and shine, we are guaranteed to rise and shine when we get real.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.


Success is a journey.  This book would guide and assist you on your journey to success.

Life is about making choices and you should make the right choice to proceed with studying this book that reveals the real secret of success.

The book demonstrates why some people succeed and others fail in life.  It also reveals the REAL secret of success and shows what you should do in order to get on with successful living. 

Dr Innocent Izamoje leads Rock of Joy Resource Centre and is a biblical motivational speaker and writer. He has been a special guest on the broadcast media and has presented various national and international events. 

Dr Izamoje has written several books and many articles, including for reputable academic and professional journals. His written works have been cited in publications on shared innovation and excellence.