BACK FROM THE DEAD! Even medical doctors were surprised at what Jesus had done!!

There is real power in the name of Jesus.

When one of my younger brothers survived three heart attacks within about three months, he told me afterwards that a medical officer at the hospital told him that he had really fought for his life.   But that is not quite correct.  You don’t fight for your life at a hospital.  The fighting takes place elsewhere –at the spiritual level.  And you are not the commander who calls the shots or has the final say at the spiritual level where the battle is fought.

My younger brother referred to, Sylvester Izamoje, –Sly as he prefers to be called– lives in Amsterdam, Holland. 

I share a great miracle regarding Sly here as that miracle is very much a part of my wider story that had changed to glory. Sly told me that he is happy for me to name him in connection with his revealing testimony.  

I woke up in my sleep in the early hours of Sunday, 3 July 2011 following a terrible dream that I had which had woken me up.  I had dreamt that Sly had suddenly had a heart attack and had died.  I then woke my wife up, told her about the dream and we prayed together against it. Afterwards, I telephoned Sly immediately and told him of the dream I had had that he had suddenly died after having a heart attack.  I asked him if he had been okay, and he replied that he had been well.  We then prayed together.

On the Friday of that same week (8 July 2011), Sly informed me that he had a heart attack that week and was taken to the intensive care unit at the AMC hospital in Central Amsterdam.  I reminded him of the dream I had a few days before the illness and we prayed together again including thanking God for saving his life and for the people who had helped him in the process.  I then recorded the events in my diary because I was confident Sly and I would share the testimony with other people someday.

There is no logical scientific or medical explanation for what had happened to Sly other than a spiritual explanation.  He had never previously had any heart problems.  Some people might challenge this comment and argue that the fact that my brother had previously not had a heart attack is irrelevant or inconclusive. I would like someone to then explain scientifically or medically to me why it had been the case that I, living in England, had first had a dream in the early hours of Sunday, 3 July 2011 about the heart attack which then actually happened the same week on Friday, 8 July 2011. Afterwards, one of our sisters called Faith who resides in Nigeria said she had also had a similar dream about our brother in Holland. There are eight of us in our extended family but the dreams had been specifically about Sly. 

The miracle got bigger.

A few weeks after the first heart attack, Sly had a more severe and very massive heart attack.  Three medical doctors that had tried three times to resuscitate him with their resuscitation electric machine (as I simply describe the instrument) then certified him dead. 

The driver of the Ambulance van who had driven Sly to the hospital where he was treated, reportedly, said he had a lot of compassion for Sly as Sly had, reportedly, been crying and calling on Jesus to save his life whilst he was being driven to the hospital in the Ambulance van.  Therefore, the driver, reportedly, acted against the rules and procedures of the hospital and did what he was not authorised to do. 

The driver asked to attempt to resuscitate Sly a fourth time.  When he placed the electric shock-type resuscitation machine on my brother’s chest and pressed it onto his chest the fourth time, my brother, reportedly, screamed one word:  Jesus!

After Sly had screamed ‘Jesus!’ the three medical doctors who had given up on him and had thrown away their hand gloves were then called back and they treated him.

I understand Sly was revived by the Ambulance van driver forty-three minutes after three medical doctors had previously certified him medically dead. Did you hear that?  He had been dead for forty-three minutes but then came back to life!  


Honestly, which reasonable person really says there is no such thing as a miracle?  He had died for forty-three minutes, but suddenly woke up and regained his life after he had screamed just one word: JESUS

The people around him told him the only word he uttered when he came back to life:  JESUS!

When my wife and I visited him at another hospital in Amsterdam where he was eventually transferred to, we went to the intensive care unit where he had been.  On arrival at the intensive care unit, we were (wrongly) directed to the mortuary unit. 

Eventually, we found he had been taken to a different part of the hospital for treatment and had not been at the mortuary.  We also saw amongst other things that he had been labelled because three medical doctors had already certified him dead.  The label that had been placed on his left hand for the purposes of identification was removed a couple of days afterwards. 

Everyone was really surprised he had come back from the dead and had lived.  Equally, everyone was surprised he did not develop any complications and was not brain-damaged even though he had actually died for forty-three minutes. 

Thank you, Lord.  God is good indeed.

The following day after he was resuscitated, the driver of the Ambulance van visited my younger brother at the hospital.  Sly told me the driver had told him that he did not know what came upon him to attempt to resuscitate my brother a fourth time.  Sly said the driver also told him he was just moved to try and resuscitate him a fourth time but could not believe he had actually done so. My brother also informed me the driver of the Ambulance van also told him that he (my brother) had been calling ‘Jesus’ ‘Jesus’ in the ambulance van when he was being driven to the hospital.  

If you very carefully study the above story, you would find the spiritual dimension in what the driver of the Ambulance van had, reportedly, said. 

The driver had said he did not know what actually came upon him or what had made him decide to resuscitate my brother a fourth time after three medical doctors had certified him dead.  You could argue that the driver had done that as a result of the compassion he had for my brother.  That is partly correct. The driver had compassion;  but the compassion did not really originate from him.  The compassion only physically came through him as the Holy Spirit had entered into him to physically resuscitate my brother. 

If indeed the compassion had originated from the driver he would not have said that he did not know what pushed him to try and resuscitate my brother a fourth time.

My brother knows who made the driver attempt to resuscitate him a fourth time even though the driver had not known why he did what he had physically done to help my brother live again.  The trigger to help my brother had come from the name my brother screamed when he came back from the dead: Jesus!

Remember this:Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?
Jeremiah 32:27. New King James Version

Stay blessed.

Dr Innocent Izamoje