What’s your own purpose for living?

Let me start with one of my true sayings: do what you enjoy; and enjoy what you do.

You really enjoy what you do when you build your work, schooling, leisure activities, and everything else, around your calling –your purpose for living.

I had been working as a management consultant for many years and had excelled at the things I had been doing to the glory of God. Then I discovered that I had a higher and better calling after going through my own ‘Road to Damascus’ experience which really made me rethink my purpose for living again which I had previously failed to figure out after I came back from the dead.

I had not realised the real purpose for my living, or more appropriately for my living again after several near-death experiences, until more recently following some mysterious troubles that seriously afflicted my family and me.

Some newspapers in England have described me as a miracle man and the United Kingdom’s luckiest man because I had, reportedly, come back from the dead. I was one of six people pronounced dead after a fatal road traffic accident in 1982 but I, reportedly, started breathing again at the hospital mortuary as the six bodies were being put into the deep freezer containers. A mortuary assistant had heard my breathing noise; so, five bodies were then put in the deep freezer containers and I was taken from the mortuary to the intensive care unit at the hospital for treatment.

Then armed robbers attacked me when I was visiting Lagos, Nigeria, in 1985. They robbed me of my possessions at gun point and eventually threw me out of a moving vehicle and left me hospitalised.

I also nearly drowned in a Brussels water theme park in 2001 during a holiday in Belgium with my family and was later told by doctors that I would have died or been severely brain-damaged if I had spent another minute under water.

I had once said I would attend a Bible college when I reached 40 years of age. Then I postponed it to when I reached 45 years of age; and because I never took my calling seriously I eventually gave up the idea of doing pastoral work.

I carried on working successfully as a management consultant running my own company. I had been doing remarkably well but the severe troubles my family and me faced made me prioritise my service for God over and above everything else. I had done this very reluctantly. I had preferred working as a consultant but the grace of God that had been upon my family and me especially during our severe storms of life made me realise that there was more to life than doing the things I had previously relied on for fulfilment.

I have dedicated myself to using my experiences in the storms of life to be of blessing to other people.

“But by the grace of God I am what I am,
and His grace toward me was not in vain…”

1 Corinthians 15:10. New King James Version

I pray that the grace of God which had been upon me would not be in vain. I want to use that grace to support and help other people to discover and achieve their own God-given destinies to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. I am seeking to support and help people who are going through various storms of life to break free and shine so they can have true joy in the correct biblical sense of that word.

What’s your own purpose for living? What are you doing well to the glory of God? Listen to your heart, not just your head.

Discover your own purpose for living and build your life around it to the glory of God. Then you would truly enjoy life and no longer merely endure life; because, in His presence there is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11).

God bless you.

Dr Innocent Izamoje