Grace is the only sufficient intervention that guarantees all blessings, including eternal life. Every biblical thing we do is necessary, but not sufficient.

Life is a journey comprising of three aspects, all of which are enabled by grace: namely, getting in, getting on, and getting out.

We get into this world because of grace. We get on in this world and can be born again because of grace. The sun shines on everyone but not everyone shines under the sun. You must get real and use properly, the enabling grace of God upon you to shine in any area of life; and ensure you do not fall from grace. We get out of this world into eternity because of grace. The Old and New Testaments evidence the fact that people went to heaven based on grace only.

Every worthwhile thing we do is enabled by grace. Anyone who denies the proven completeness and conclusive supremacy of grace has denied Jesus Christ who said “… without Me you can do nothing“; John 15:5, New King James Version.

Dr Innocent Izamoje leads Rock of Joy Resource Centre and is a biblical motivational speaker and writer. He has been a special guest on the broadcast media and has presented various national and international events. 

Dr Izamoje has written several books and many articles, including for reputable academic and professional journals. His written works have been cited in publications on shared innovation and excellence.